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Ms Marta Myburgh


Urogynaecology Clinical Nurse Specialist

I am a Urogynaecology Clinical Nurse Specialist and an Independent Nurse Prescriber at Kingston Hospital. I manage woman with urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse and recurrent urinary tract infections. I independently perform and interpret Urodynamics test. Before that I worked on a gynaecology ward for 16 years in Chelsea and Westminster hospital mostly as a Sister.  While my working time there I looked after women with gynaecology conditions including general gynaecology, oncology, fertility and early pregnancy as well as post natal.
I am very passionate about Women’s health and now doing MSc in Pelvic health to advance my clinical knowledge in this speciality.
I am able to advise on and assist women with:
– urinary incontinence:  fluid management, bladder training and pelvic floor exercises
– urinary symptoms (overactive bladder)
– vaginal prolapse: pessary insertion and change
– vaginal prolapse: bladder and bowel symptoms
– vaginal atrophy
– intermittent self catheterisation teaching
– recurrent urinary tract infection: conservative management