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Patient Stories

Louise & Adam's Fertility story

We first entered Surrey park clinic January 2020. Previous to that we were struggling to get pregnant for nearly 5 years. As soon as we stepped into the clinic we felt welcomed and at ease. We spoke to the wonderful Dr Petya Doncheva. She listened to us and went through all tests etc we have previously had. She sensitively explained to us that to have any chance of conceiving we will need to try IVF. She explained the whole process to us and said we could start the following month! We felt such a relief to finally get some answers and to find out we did have a chance to finally become parents!


Medication Training

A few weeks later we were back into the clinic and met the lovely Nurse Mariana. She went through all the medication and taught us how to use all the injections etc. Before going in I had so many questions about how to inject and if things may go wrong etc but Mariana went through everything with us slowly and sensitively and she was excellent in teaching us all about the medication. That was it, we went home feeling fully prepared that we could do this. Over the next 2 weeks we regularly went in for follicle scans and the sonographers knew exactly who we were and all our past back ground etc.

Egg Collection Day!

On the 15th February it was egg collection day! We travelled up to Lister fertility clinic in Chelsea. Before hand Surrey park told us exactly where to go and how to park so the morning wasn’t stressful at all. Lister welcomed us and knew who we were. The room we had was like a hotel room! I was very very nervous about the procedure but the nurse who looked after us was amazing! The doctor came in to introduce herself who was doing the procedure to collect my eggs and also the anethestist came in to introduce herself. Again this made me feel really at ease before I went down to theatre.

Fertilised Eggs?

The procedure was very quick and the doctor came to my bed straight away once I came around to let me know exactly how many eggs she was able to collect. We travelled back home and waited for the nerve wracking phone call the next day to see how our little eggs were doing. The embryologist rung at 8:30am letting us know that we had 4 fertilised eggs! We were so relieved! 3 days later the embryologist rung again at around 8:30am to let us know we have 3 amazing looking embryos!

Transfer Day

Then on the 20th February we had our fresh transfer. The procedure was incredibly quick and painless. The doctors and embryologist were so lovely and talked through the process with us every step of the way! They even printed out a photo of the embryo for us to take home!
10 nervous days later we did our pregnancy test and we got our first ever positive pregnancy test!

Our journey didn’t stop there, the clinic was amazing in fitting me in for scans whenever I felt like I needed one. As a first time mum and of course waiting for my miracle baby for so long I was naturally a nervous nelly! So the clinic was great to fit me in for viable scans to check how baby was doing.

We now have a healthy Little boy and we will forever be grateful for coming to Surrey park clinic as they truly made our dreams come true!
Louise Williams  and Adam Fox.