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Group B Strep Testing

Physiotherapy during pregnancy

20th January 2024

The physical toll of pregnancy is significant. During pregnancy there will be changes in hormones, weight and biomechanics in the body, all of which are expected and normal. These changes can increase the chance of musculoskeletal pain, such as back pain or pelvic girdle pain, and pelvic floor issues, such as leaking urine. There are  … Continue reading

Supporting Menopause Awareness – Let’s Talk Over Drinks

5th October 2022

Officially, the Menopause is the time in someone’s life when they stop having periods for at least a year and can no longer get pregnant. It can affect a person’s physical and emotional health, leaving them with long-term struggles. Yet, it is often spoken about in hushed tones. Without a proper conversation and an increase  … Continue reading

supporting baby loss awareness

The Importance of Supporting Baby Loss Awareness

5th October 2022

October 9th -15th plays host to baby loss awareness week. Our whole team here at The Surrey Park Clinic would like to take this opportunity to talk about the importance of supporting those affected by stillbirth and any other devastating event early in an infant’s life. This includes parents who have lost a child, as  … Continue reading

Sexual Health And Contraception – Not Just A Youngster’s Game

9th September 2022

Too often, sexual health is seen as a young person’s problem. They get the talks about the birds and the bees in school and they are the ones that are constantly reminded to seek advice about STDs, STIs and any other concerns they may have regarding sexual relationships and wellness. But we all know twenty-something-year-olds  … Continue reading

gynaecological cancer awareness month

Gynaecological Cancer Awareness: Normal or Not?

9th September 2022

In the UK, over 22,000 people each year are diagnosed with some form of gynaecological cancer. Many of us don’t even know what the different types are or what we should be looking out for in terms of our own wellness, signs and symptoms. September is gynaecological cancer awareness month – the perfect opportunity to  … Continue reading

Breastfeeding stigma

Let’s Educate And Break The Breastfeeding Stigma

1st August 2022

Sadly, the world does not make life easy for breastfeeding parents. There are still a lot of people out there who have negative opinions of the process and condemn anyone trying to feed their children this way in public. The breastfeeding stigma is a fairly archaic one that is fed by misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding  … Continue reading


What’s All The Fuss? Celebrating National Surrogacy Week

1st August 2022

National surrogacy week runs from 1st – 7th August this year and we want to give you an opportunity to learn more about it. This is a topic that can be surrounded by a lot of stigma. People may not understand the need for surrogates or may be under the impression that it is strange  … Continue reading

Group B Strep

Why Group B Strep Testing Is So Important

11th July 2022

Did you know that we offer Group B Strep testing? It is the most common cause of sepsis (a potentially life-threatening condition) in newborn babies. It is not mentioned heavily in mainstream media, nor are mums taught much about it during pregnancy. It is a type of bacteria that can be passed from mother to  … Continue reading

Black leaders awareness

Health In The Community: Black Leaders Awareness Day

11th July 2022

This year, July 18th marks Black Leaders Awareness Day. The event is set aside to celebrate the accomplishments and experience the wisdom of past, current and next-generation figureheads in the black community. These pioneers have worked tirelessly to improve diversity and inclusivity across the globe in multiple industries. We want to ensure they remain at  … Continue reading

Harmony screening

Can Harmony/NIPT screening be performed in Twin Pregnancies?

27th June 2022

The answer is Yes!  Ladies with a viable twin pregnancy can also have Harmony screening performed to assess for the risk of Downs, Edwards and Patau Syndromes,  with greater accuracy than standard screening tests. This applies to both natural conception and IVF pregnancies and can be performed from as early as 10 weeks gestation.  Fetal  … Continue reading