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The 5 Gynaecological Cancers you need to be aware of…

20th September 2021

Awareness of the 5 gynaecological cancers is very low despite 21,000 women receiving a diagnosis each year. As with many cancers, early diagnosis is key so it is important women are aware of the signs and symptoms to look out for and to know what’s normal for them. At The Surrey Park Clinic we offer Well  … Continue reading

Refer a friend and save money

28th July 2021

We are excited to be launching our new referral scheme so you can save money on treatment. Many patients come to our clinic having been recommended by a friend, so we thought it was about time we thanked our wonderful patients for doing this. As a token of our appreciation, we will credit your Surrey  … Continue reading

Coil and IUD fitting at The Surrey Park Clinic

7th July 2021

Recently there have been some shocking reports in the news about women experiencing severe pain during the fitting of intra-uterine devices. We wanted to reassure our patients you should never experience pain during these procedures. Our specialist Gynaecologists, Mr Jay Chatterjee and Miss Lilian Ugwumadu, are highly experienced in fitting these devices and have never  … Continue reading

Fertility Q & A with Dr Julia Kopeika on Instagram Live – 6th July @ 6pm

29th June 2021

Join us for a Fertility Q & A with our Fertility Specialist, Dr Julia Kopeika. This will take place on Instagram (follow @thesurreyparkclinic) on the 6th July 2021 at 6pm. Please do send in any questions you have regarding fertility treatment, testing and challenges via direct message and Dr Kopeika will try to get through  … Continue reading

Fertility Virtual Open Evening – 7th June 2021

26th May 2021

Join Clinic Director Katie Biddiss and Fertility Consultant Lilian Ugwumadu for an overview of fertility testing and treatment at The Surrey Park Clinic on the 7th June at 6.30 pm. You will have the opportunity for a 5 minute mini private consultation with Lilian to go over any specific questions you may have. Places are  … Continue reading

Coronavirus Update

1st January 2021

Coronavirus Update To visit the clinic you and all household members must be completely asymptomatic free of fever, cough, altered smell or taste, or breathing difficulties. You must not have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days and not be self-isolating. What to Expect at Your Appointment Patients are NOT allowed to bring  … Continue reading

Fertility Support

Tips for supporting a loved one throughout their fertility journey

28th February 2020

Are one of your loved ones going through fertility treatment? Support throughout treatment is so important and you can make a huge difference to someone through the support you can provide. Below are some of our top tips to help someone who is going through the fertility journey. 

Self Care: Our Top Tips

4th February 2020

Self Care: Our Top Tips  It is important to take good care of your body, mind and soul. Self care is a fantastic way to take some time out for yourself and take a step towards feeling relaxed and healthy. Below are some of our top tips to help improve your self care routine! 1.  … Continue reading

Cervical Screening: Our Top Tips!

18th September 2019

Cervical Screening: Our Top Tips! Cervical screening also known as a smear test is the best way to protect yourself from cervical cancer, however 1 in 3 women do not attend their cervical screening appointment.  Many women decide not to attend their appointment due to embarrassment and the thought of being uncomfortable, which we completely  … Continue reading

The Day In The Life Of A Sonographer

21st August 2019

The Day In The Life Of A Sonographer Who are we? A sonographer is someone who undertakes and reports diagnostic, screening or interventional ultrasound examinations. The majority of sonographers start their career as Radiographers. Radiographers are Allied Health Professionals who have studied at university in Medical imaging. Ultrasound is one of many different types of imaging  … Continue reading