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Is reflexology the new cure for infertility?

6th February 2016

An increasing number of women claim this popular type of foot massage has helped them conceive. Now a medical study has been launched to discover if the claims are true. Reflexology, a traditional healing art dating from the ancient Egyptians and Chinese, involves manipulation of pressure points in the hands and feet and is often  … Continue reading

Should YOU be using testosterone gel? Experts reveal how to avoid the ‘male menopause’

5th February 2016

Peter O’Brien can’t quite remember exactly when he began treatment for his low testosterone. ‘About five months ago,’ he says, waiting for the kettle to boil in the kitchen of his home just outside Bath. His wife Lucy, however, can tell you precisely when it was. ‘It was February 16,’ she chips in, and they  … Continue reading

Ovarian cancer test on horizon as scientists find earliest signs of disease

4th February 2016

Cancer of the ovaries is the fifth most common cancer for women in the UK, with about 7100 new cases each year but it is difficult to diagnose because it grows virtually unseen into the abdominal cavity. Now a new study has found that levels of a protein called SOX2 are much higher in the fallopian  … Continue reading

Every woman ‘needs fertility MoT at 25 to boost chances of getting pregnant and avoiding miscarriages’

7th January 2016

Millions of women with a painful womb condition should be monitored much more closely in pregnancy because they are at a higher risk of losing their babies, doctors said last night. They spoke out after a major study showed that endometriosis, which affects around one in ten women, raises the odds of a host of  … Continue reading