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Terms and Conditions


  • The Surrey Park Clinic is registered to provide healthcare services and works with independent medical practitioners to deliver these services.
  • All consultants are self-employed independent practitioners, and remain responsible for their acts or omissions. Consultants are granted practising privileges by The Surrey Park Clinic to provide services at the clinic. The Surrey Park Clinic requires all Consultants to comply with its practising privileges policy. This includes maintaining appropriate medical indemnity/insurance cover in connection with the treatment of insured and paying for yourself patients.
  • Fees for services provided by consultants with practising privileges are included in charges made by The Surrey Park Clinic
  • The Surrey Park Clinic has in place a complaints policy, details of which can be obtained from the reception.


1.Payment Terms: The Surrey Park Clinic requires all patients to pay a deposit for appointments, should you need to cancel or reschedule and appointment a minimum of 48hrs notice must be given for deposits to be refunded. If a third party or insurer has agreed to pay your account or part of your account, any balance outstanding if the third party or insurer does not pay the account in whole or in part will be your responsibility and must be paid by you in accordance with this paragraph. The Surrey Park Clinic requires all patients to pay a £50 deposit and this will be refunded if the full amount is not paid by the third party.

2. Insured Patients Direct Settlement by Insurance Companies

YOU SHOULD CHECK WITH YOUR INSURER THAT YOU HAVE ADEQUATE COVER. We will try to help you do this, but only your insurer can confirm that your cover is adequate. The deposit paid to The Surrey Park Clinic pursuant to paragraph 1 will be used for any shortfall and/or outstanding balances as explained in paragraph 1. If your insurance company operates a direct settlement scheme, The Surrey Park Clinic will send your account and claim form to the insurance company for payment on your behalf. So that we can do this, you will need to obtain pre-authorisation in advance for tests and treatment that you are to receive. If your insurance company does not pay the account in full within 30 days from the date you received treatment, any outstanding balances will be notified to you by letter. You will have 10 days from the date of our letter to pay this balance. A receipt will be provided on request.
2.2. No Direct Settlement Scheme If your insurance company does not operate a direct settlement scheme, or if you are unable to provide us with a completed and signed claim form, you must pay your account in full 7 working days before treatment, if an outpatient.