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Helping to Create Your Family

Our personalised and consultant-led approach to treatment helps patients feel supported on their fertility journey.

You will always see the same consultant and receive your chosen consultant’s direct contact number when starting any treatment. This allows you to contact your consultant at any time. Additionally, when in fertility treatment, your consultant will contact you after all scans and blood tests, giving you the opportunity to discuss your treatment and for reassurance of how things are progressing.

Our nursing team and fertility coordinators are also available to help and support you whenever needed. We do not compromise on supporting our patients and do what we can to go above and beyond.

At The Surrey Park Clinic, we are proud to offer such a high level of support and service.

If you are struggling to conceive, you are not alone.

Many women and couples need help both in conceiving and in their ongoing pregnancy. In these circumstances, we are here to help.
We strive to make your assisted fertility treatment as stress-free and straightforward as possible and to support you along your journey.
At The Surrey Park Clinic, we ensure fertility treatment is tailored to each patient’s needs and is both led and provided by our highly experienced Fertility Consultants.
There are no hidden or extra costs once treatment has started unless additional medication is required.

The Surrey Park Clinic has a dedicated team of Consultant Gynaecologists, who specialise in Fertility.

All consultation appointments, ultrasound scans and blood tests take place at The Surrey Park Clinic. We work in conjunction with King’s College Hospital Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) and Lister Fertility Clinic, where patients attend for two visits, egg collection and embryo transfer.

We offer a full range of fertility tests and treatments, including, IUI, IVF, ICSI and Ovulation Induction.

To find out more information about our fertility services, you can visit the clinic ahead of committing to an appointment and have a Free Mini Consultation, with one of our specialist Fertility Consultants. Alternatively, you can arrange a call with one of our experienced fertility Coordinators. To book a Free Mini Consultation or a Discovery Call, click here.

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Many of our appointments including Ultrasound Scans, Consultations, Physio and Therapy Appointments are available to book online by following this link. Alternatively, for fertility and all other appointments, please call 01483 454016

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Louise and Adam’s story

We first entered Surrey park clinic in January 2020. Previous to that, we had been struggling to get pregnant for nearly 5 years. We felt welcomed and at ease as soon as we stepped into the clinic. We spoke to the wonderful Dr Petya Doncheva…

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