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Couples Counselling, Relationship & Sex Therapy

Couples Counselling, Relationship & Sex Therapy


Introducing our new Psychosexual and Relationship therapist, Sharon Reynolds.

Very often people struggle with their sexual difficulty in silence, feeling embarrassed and ashamed, unable to discuss their issues with anyone. Psychosexual Therapy helps both individuals and couples to overcome this. Common issues are detailed below on this page – just scroll down.

Sharon Reynolds can work with you both to overcome challenges in the relationship and improve your intimate connection.
With Sharon’s guidance, you will develop a greater understanding of your needs and those of your partner, through improved communications about your relationship and your sexual relationship.



To celebrate the launch of this new service we are offering everyone a FREE 15-minute discovery session with our Relationship and Sex Therapist, Sharon Reynolds. This appointment gives you the opportunity to discuss your relationship concerns and struggles with a specialist.

To book your FREE assessment, click here to book.

Together with Sharon, you will make a plan for the next steps, and she will guide you on how to make improvements.

Meet Sharon

Sharon trained with Relate, the national relationship counselling Charity in the early 1990’s.  Since then, she has developed her practice working with couples and individuals, young people, and families in all aspects of relationships, mostly helping clients have difficult conversations about how they feel.

With a firm belief that communication is the foundation for successful and thriving relationships, Sharon will work with you to help get you where you need to be.

In recent years her focus has been working with couples around their sexual relationships.  She is passionate about this area of work because it makes such a difference to people’s lives.

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