Private GP

On average, a GP appointment lasts for only 7 minutes. At The Surrey Park Clinic, we put our patients needs first, and that is why all GP appointments are booked for 20 minutes.

This service offers patients convenient appointments with a team of experienced doctors. Ensuring the continuity of your care, you will see the same doctor every time you visit. Your doctor will always have enough time to listen to any concerns and symptoms and discuss all of your options with you.  All appointments, tests and scans can be made in the clinic at a time that suits you, and free parking is available.

Private GP Service

Dr Standring is a highly experienced GP with a particular interest in women’s health. Our GP service can offer:

  • Advice and support for your healthcare needs
  • Appointment times to suit you
  • Easy access to our specialists
  • Modern, private healthcare settings
  • Private prescriptions and  investigations if needed
  • Time to discuss your concerns with an experienced GP who is on the GMC GP Register

Blood tests

Need a private blood test? Same-day appointments available

If you need a blood test, please call or email the clinic and let us know the test you are looking for and book an appointment. We offer same-day tests and a quick turn around of test results.

You can also have a report sent to you, or a call booked to discuss the results (by phone or email). To find out more about the blood tests available and the cost, click here

Cervical Smears & HPV Testing

A smear test may well save your life…

Cervical cancer is one of the few preventable cancers. This is because dangerous pre-cancerous cell changes can be picked up in Cervical screening tests, and any abnormal cells are removed before they develop into cervical cancer. At The Surrey Park Clinic, we have appointments available for Cervical screening tests with our GP, Dr Alex Standring, at the cost of £265. Follow the link below to book.

Book an Appointment

Many of our appointments including scans, blood tests, menopause or gynaecological consultations are available to book on-line by following this link. Alternatively, for fertility and all other appointments, please call 01483 454016