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Cervical Screening: Our Top Tips!

18th September 2019

Cervical Screening: Our Top Tips!

Cervical screening also known as a smear test is the best way to protect yourself from cervical cancer, however 1 in 3 women do not attend their cervical screening appointment. 

Many women decide not to attend their appointment due to embarrassment and the thought of being uncomfortable, which we completely understand. Below are some of our top tips on how to make your appointment a little more comfortable.

Wear a loose skirt or dress

Many women feel uncomfortable being exposed especially in front of the nurse or doctor who is taking the test. Wearing a loose fitted skirt or dress is a great way to feel less exposed and more comfortable. 

Listen to music

Popping your headphones in and listening to your favourite music is a great way to distract yourself. We would also recommend listening to some relaxing meditation music too before your test to help you relax. 

Tell your clinical team how you are feeling 

If you are feeling worried or anxious about the test let your doctor or nurse know. A problem shared is a problem halved, and by expressing how you are feeling this might help you before you start.

Treat yourself afterwards

Having a plan for after your appointment is a great way to focus on something once it is completed. By planning a nice treat you can focus on that rather than the appointment itself. At The Surrey Park Clinic some of our patients have mentioned meeting up with friends for dinner or seeing a film at the cinema after their appointment. What would be your ideal treat. 

Visit The Surrey Park Clinic

At The Surrey Park Clinic your comfort and care is our top priority. We understand that having cervical screening can be stressful and that is why we ensure all of our patients are comfortable from the moment they walk into our clinic to the minute they leave. 

We also have no restrictions on age. If you would like to have a cervical screening test before the age of 25 or after 64 we would be happy to see you.  

At The Surrey Park Clinic all of our cervical screening appointments are 30 minutes. This is an extra 20 minutes in comparison to the NHS. We offer this so that you don’t feel rushed during your appointment, you can get comfortable and explain how you are feeling. 

In aid of Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month 2019 we are offering 10% off Cervical Screening at The Surrey Park Clinic. If you have any questions or would like to book your appointment please call our friendly on 0800 049 6944 or alternatively you can book online.