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Coil and IUD fitting at The Surrey Park Clinic

7th July 2021

Recently there have been some shocking reports in the news about women experiencing severe pain during the fitting of intra-uterine devices. We wanted to reassure our patients you should never experience pain during these procedures. Our specialist Gynaecologists, Mr Jay Chatterjee and Miss Lilian Ugwumadu, are highly experienced in fitting these devices and have never had a patient complain of pain during this procedure. Mr Jay Chatterjee outlined our approach to fitting Coils/IUDs at The Surrey Park Clinic:

“Experiencing pain during coil insertion is not acceptable. At The Surrey Park Clinic, we insert a copper coil or progesterone intra-uterine device after the cervical canal has been thoroughly treated with anaesthesia, either by using an injectable local anaesthetic or a local anaesthetic spray or gel.

We insert IUDs/Coils under ultra-sound guidance and myself and the nurse, or health care assistant, check our patients feel comfortable throughout and are supported after the procedure.

Our minimal cervical stimulation and dilation techniques cause the least discomfort during any coil insertion.

If for some reason, due to severe cervical stenosis (Cervical stenosis is narrowing of the passageway through the cervix) and despite total local anaesthetic application of the cervix, the cervical canal cannot be dilated, the procedure is halted to avoid causing any pain or distress to the patient. We would then advise the patient has the coil fitted under general anaesthetic.” Mr Jay Chatterjee, Consultant Gynaecologist and Gynae Oncology surgeon.

If you would like to book an IUD/Coil fitting or removal with either Mr Jay Chatterjee or Miss Lilian Ugwumadu, then please call 01483 454 016.