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Acne is the result of an inflammation of the sebaceous glands (oil glands). The subsequent spots are caused by oil, bacteria and skin cells becoming trapped in our pores.

This inflammation can be triggered by our environment or by stress, cosmetic products etc., however our hormones can also play a big part in bringing about the skin condition.

Most women will have suffered an outbreak of facial spots at some point in their lives. Outbreaks most commonly occur during adolescence where our hormone levels are erratic causing our skin to become more oily, blocking pores. As we mature, the odd spot here and there will often coincide with being stressed, using new products on the face or having a reaction to something we have come into contact with.

If the condition has a hormonal element the above remedies will not address the underlying cause. If you have tried other topical approaches without success we can review your situation to determine if hormones are contributing the cause and address this along with other aspects that may benefit from hormone tailoring and HRT.