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Pregnancy Package Upgrade

Thank you for visiting The Surrey Park Clinic today for your pregnancy scan.

Following your appointment today, should you want to have another pregnancy scan our pregnancy packages are flexible and affordable, perfect for reassurance throughout your pregnancy. Plus you can include today’s scan if you upgrade within a week of your appointment.

The Harmony Package 

The Harmony Package includes three scans, plus the Harmony Screening for only £790.
This package represents a saving of £135 if you were to buy the scans separately
The package includes: 
  • Viability Scan (6-16 weeks): £110
  • Growth Scan (16+ weeks): £160
  • Wellbeing Scan (24+ weeks): £180


  • Harmony screening (10+ weeks): £475

The Early Pregnancy Package 

Our Early Pregnancy Package is the perfect option if you are looking for reassurance in the early stages of your pregnancy. The package costs £290 and gives you a total saving of £40.

How do I upgrade to a package?

To upgrade your package and include your scan from today simply call The Surrey Park Clinic on 01483 454016
Alternatively, you can also upgrade online. Simply click here, select which package you wish to go ahead with under the pregnancy scan category and use the code: NMZ9NFEW at the checkout. This will then automatically discount your scan from today and then you can purchase your package and book your next scan online.
If you have any questions or would like more information about our package options please contact us on 01483 454016 or [email protected]