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Tips for supporting a loved one throughout their fertility journey

28th February 2020

Are one of your loved ones going through fertility treatment? Support throughout treatment is so important and you can make a huge difference to someone through the support you can provide. Below are some of our top tips to help someone who is going through the fertility journey.

1.) Put yourself in their shoes

Think about how they might be feeling when going through the process of fertility treatment. Consider texting rather than calling and let them know that you are always free if they want to talk.

2.) Ask if they are alright and how you can support them

Tell them “I’m here for you if you need me” or “I am here to support”. Ask if you could chaperone them to any appointments. By just understanding how difficult it is will go a long way and will show that person you are there to support them through this difficult time.

3.) Support the choices they make

People who are trying to conceive through fertility treatment may do all kinds of things that you may not expect. For example, they may change their diet or lifestyle in order to enhance fertility. Providing extra support throughout these transitions and changes can be really helpful.

4.) Send something nice

Send them presents, card or flowers if they are going through a particularly rough time. For example, a failed round of fertility treatment, news of another pregnancy, miscarriage, milestones after loss or just a general bad day. Or why not go out for the day to help take their mind off of what is going on?