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Bowel Problems

Bowel Problems

The effects of the menopause and reduction in oestrogen can also have an impact on the bowel function. We can review bowel problems in the context of your other symptoms to bring insight and relief to common issues.

The muscular layer of the bowel wall is sensitive to sex hormones. A deficiency of the hormone, oestrogen, in women especially during and after the menopause stops the muscular contractions of the gut, preventing the bowel from effectively moving matter forward.

Many women experience a marked increase in bowel related symptoms after carbohydrate or sugar load which may be perceived as being due to allergy to a particular food product.  Instigating changes such as reduction in some carbohydrates especially wheat, can affect the hormone profile leading to improved bowel symptoms.

At the Surrey Park Clinic we will evaluate your symptoms to get a clearer picture of the causes of bowel discomfort and will advise on diet and hormone treatments to improve the bowels natural function and relieve pain and bloating.

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