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Can I have more than one embryo put back during embryo transfer?

28th February 2022


We promoted the ‘One at a Time’ in 2007 to tackle the high multiple birth rate following IVF treatment.

We aim for a single embryo transfer with our patients to reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies as this can come with increased risks to mother and baby.

We discuss the single embryo transfer policy where possible. Although exceptions may come about in terms of the quality of the embryo, age of the patient, previous treatments and number of previous cycles.

With IVF/ICSI, the risk of multiple pregnancies is related to the number of embryos transferred. At The Surrey Park Clinic, we will comply with the Policy for Kings Clinic and The Lister Hospital as per HFEA guidelines.

Consent for embryo transfer is taken at Kings or The Lister and The Surrey Park Clinic will support the clinical decision made at the relevant HFEA registered unit.

The patient is to be provided with the information so they are able to make an informed choice to treatment and provide consent for the embryo transfer.