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The Surrey Park Clinic Donating To Sands – Helping Grieving Families

15th June 2022

This June, The Surrey Park Clinic is donating 5% of all revenue from pregnancy scans booked at the clinic to Sands, a charity that helps grieving families following the death of a baby. This is part of our ongoing commitment to support local communities and families on their journey to parenthood.

Sands provides vital support services to parents and families who have lost a baby through stillbirth or neonatal death. Their work is essential in helping these families rebuild their lives and come to terms with their loss. We are proud to be supporting them this year, and we hope that our donation will help them continue their important work.

Our team has the pleasure of being part of the entire journey for many women every year as they begin to start or grow their families. From fertility to pregnancy, recovery and beyond, we see the toll it can take on people’s mental and physical health. 

If someone loses a baby, they can experience an incredibly isolating and life-changing period of grief. No matter the journey they went through to conceive, this is a  pain that no parent should have to suffer through alone. This is why we feel it’s so important to support Sands, and other organisations like them, who provide invaluable support to families in their darkest hours.


Neonatal Death

Even from the start of family planning, many couples go through tough times and difficult decisions.

Fertility services make up a really important part of what we do at The Surrey Park Clinic. From the very first consultation to discuss options through to rehabilitation after pregnancy, we understand that trying for a baby is not always easy. It’s a process that can be full of hope and excitement, but also worry and anxiety.

The Surrey Park Clinic has a dedicated team of Consultant Gynaecologists, who specialise in Fertility. There has been shown to be an identifiable reason for 80% of infertility cases, with 30% of cases being attributed to female factors, 30% to male factors, 20% to a combination of male and female factors leaving only 20% unexplained. 

To combat this we can run hormone and reproductive immunology tests, semen analysis, hycosy and more. Following an initial consultation, if deemed relevant, you (and your partner) will likely undergo tests and investigations to determine any root causes of infertility. 

Our diagnostic infertility tests help couples who are having problems conceiving. Understanding what is hindering your fertility will enable your consultant to recommend the most successful course of action. This means we can begin to undergo your journey. 

We know that for many couples, fertility treatment is their last hope of having a baby. And while we are lucky to have seen beautiful success stories time after time, there are going to be cases in which it may not turn out as people may have hoped. If this happens, it’s important to have support available to get through it. 

It’s charities like Sands that people rely on to get all of the information, advice and comfort they need. 

More Information

If you too have been touched by the work SANDS are doing and would like to know more, please visit their website for more information.

Similarly, if you’d like to find out how you can donate through the services here at The Surrey Park Clinic or would like to book in for a scan, get in touch today. 

Thank you for working with us and we hope to hear from you soon.